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Here are immediate next steps you can take if you're interested in joining the competition:
  1.  Read through the "Participation Rules & Information Pack". It includes judging criteria and other important information for the competition.
  2. Download the Registration Form, fill out the necessary information, and email it to "" with the subject header "TEAM REGISTRATION: (INSERT TEAM NAME)". Please indicate who the Team Leader is clearly in the form.
  3. Develop your proposal and upload the relevant documents on our Submissions tab on the website by 31 July, 11.59pm (point 7.1 in info pack for all deliverables)
Submissions now closed

If you are not able to upload the files, please email us at


Winning teams proposals must demonstrate the effectiveness of their ideas in field tests, which all:
Increase net economic value to the family
Provide an integrated approach with a viable and sustainable intervention model
Be implemented by FSCs, Social Enterprises, and other community-based organisations in Singapore
Leverage on existing platforms for knowledge, practises, and advocacy


This competition is open to everyone.


Teams' submittals may include innovations at any stage of breaking the poverty cycle for the low-income and vulnerable families. Submittals must also include a sustainable intervention model with specific breakthrough outcomes that are concrete and measurable, while also leaving room for other important outcomes to address value shifts, mindset changes, and deep community learning.
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